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From darkness to the Prince of Light, Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter Annie Meadows has the ability to reach into the heart of her listeners and ignite the joy of worship with a Celtic flare!

About Annie.

In addition to her seasoned concert ministry, Annie’s passion is leading worship, which she does on an itinerant basis, by invitation. She also speaks at conferences, and ladies groups, and is an avid Bible teacher, drawing on keen insights.  Annie is working at authoring books, including a devotional based on real life experiences from her travels on the road entitled: “Stories From The Road”, a memoir “Everything Changes-Journey Through The Seasons Of Life”, “A Rock On The Path”, various mystery/romance novels, and has already released a beloved children’s series of books that teach life lessons, much in the same style as Beatrix Potter.

Annie is more than a Christian entertainer — she’s a living miracle!  A still-born baby, which left her with an ongoing heart defect, she is a survivor and says;  “I praise God that He held on long enough to get me to where I am now, that HE sustains my heart, and allow me to serve Him — not just being on stage, but most importantly my personal walk with the Lord, which propels me into ministry!” 


Annie, you really don’t know me, but I heard you at church about 4 years ago, and have been watching you on Facebook.  You are a very strong inspiring woman.  I’m going through a lot these past 3 months.  I went to bed healthy and woke up to emergency surgery, and now heart failure!  I feel very alone.  I just heard you sing: “You’ve Got A Friend” and that lifted my heart.  Thank you for being you.  God bless you Annie.


Dear Annie, You are amazing and I hope you know that. My name is Jessica. I don’t expect you to remember any of this, but I’ll never forget it! I first heard you sing at a show at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts in 2000, with my mother and my nana. I was about to turn six. I fell in love with your music, and approached you after the concert (very thin, very quiet little girl with curly hair) to tell you how good you were. You talked to me just like you did to any other woman there, and when I told you that I had made my decision to turn to the Lord that night, I saw a light go on in your eyes as you handed me your latest tape ……Your song Courage helped me deal with some things and to trust God through some very difficult times, it was hard, but your music is a refuge; a source of comfort and inspiration. You are a perfect example – she who sings really does pray twice. God worked in me. God loves you, and He works through you everyday. 


New Jersey

Annie……at least you know that your trips to the land of Australia were worth the money, all these years on and I remember your music and remember your spirit as I am sure do many others. Out of all the visiting ministries I have seen in church over the years, two really stand out for me and they are you and Helen Ivicevich. Two incredible salvation messages to testify to the goodness and grace of our Father and Saviour. You both ooze His healing, forgiving, loving grace & mercy. Thank you for your song “Endless Nights”, when I am in a doubtful, faithless place, it reminds me that our God is truly good all the time, no matter what, no matter what!!…… God bless you heaps



The Journey Archives

A 30-minute radio show where Annie shares from her experiences and periodically hosts a variety of interesting guests.

Annie On The Road


August 14 – Booking Signing Event at Cafe 43 Mineral Point, Wisconsin 10am-1pm

August 22 – Book reading event at the Historic Mineral Point Library in Mineral Point, Wisconsin (Time TBA)

Pending – Book Signing Event at Kismet Book Shop Verona, Wisconsin

September 17th – Book Signing Event at the Cairo Historical Library in Cairo, Illinois (Time TBA)

September 18th – Concert at Mighty Rivers Baptist Church – Cairo, Illinois 10:30am

November 19th – Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony – Lake Las Vegas, Nevada


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